[Numpy-discussion] Nonblocking Plots with Matplotlib

Bill Baxter wbaxter@gmail....
Wed Mar 14 21:26:41 CDT 2007

On 3/15/07, Bill Baxter <wbaxter@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks, Sebastian.  I'll take a look at Pyro.  Hadn't heard of it.
> I'm using just xmlrpclib with pickle right now.

I took a look at Pyro -- it looks nice.
The only thing I couldn't find, though, is how decouple the wx GUI on
the server side from the Pyro remote call handler.  Both wx and Pyro
want to run a main loop.

With the XML-RPC, I could use twisted and its wxreactor class.  That
does all the necessary magic under the hood to run both loops.
Basically all you have to do to make it  work is:

   class MainApp(wx.App, twisted.web.xmlrpc.XMLRPC):

    app = MainApp()

And then you're good to go.  reactor.run() takes care of both main
loops somehow.

Do you know of any good examples showing how to do that sort of thing
with Pyro?  It must be possible.  I mean it's the exact same sort of
thing you'd need if you're writing a simple GUI internet chat program.
 My googling has turned up nothing, though.


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