[Numpy-discussion] correct way to specify type in array definition

Francesc Altet faltet@carabos....
Thu Mar 15 05:23:36 CDT 2007

El dj 15 de 03 del 2007 a les 06:01 -0400, en/na Brian Blais va
> Hello,
> Can someone tell me what the preferred way to specify the type of an array?  I want
> it to be a float array, no matter what is given (say, integers).  I can do:
> a=numpy.array([1,2,3],numpy.dtype('float'))
> or
> a=numpy.array([1,2,3],type(1.0))
> or perhaps many others.  Is there a way that is recommended?

Well, this depends on your preferences, I guess, but I like to be
explicit, so I normally use:

a=numpy.array([1,2,3], numpy.float64)

but, if you are a bit lazy to type, the next is just fine as well:

a=numpy.array([1,2,3], 'f8')


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