[Numpy-discussion] Problem compiling numpy with Python 2.5 on Powerbook

Roberto De Almeida roberto@dealmeida....
Thu Mar 15 12:00:58 CDT 2007

Hi, Steve.

On 3/14/07, Steve Lianoglou <lists.steve@arachnedesign.net> wrote:
> I'm not sure what the problem is exactly, but is it weird that
> there's something to do w/ 'i686' when you're running on a powerbook
> being that the pbook is PowerPC?

I managed to compile numpy by first compiling Python 2.5 as a ppc
build only -- the bug occurs when I try to compile numpy using the
universal Python build from python.org. I think it's trying to create
a universal build of numpy, that's why you see the

    gcc -arch ppc -arch i386

line on the log, ie, both "ppc" and "i386" architectures. IIRC I don't
have the universal SDK installed, so that could be the problem.


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