[Numpy-discussion] Nonblocking Plots with Matplotlib

Bill Baxter wbaxter@gmail....
Tue Mar 20 02:29:40 CDT 2007

On 3/20/07, Christian <ckkart@hoc.net> wrote:
> Bill Baxter wrote:

> I found out that my version of matplotlib (0.87.7) does not know all methods
> that ezplot is expecting to be known.

Aha.  Thanks for diagnosing the problem.  Should be fixed in the
latest ezplot I just uploaded to pypi.  ("easy_install --upgrade
ezplot"  if you have easy_install).

> Thus init_pylab_methods raises an
> Exception which was not visible because loggiong to the wx.TextCtrl does not
> work - nothing is ever printed there.
> I removed the unknown methods and now it works.

Hmm.  Yeh my error reporting is quite weak.

> Very nice work!


> Once more I am really impressed by python (and good python programmers).

Yeh, me too.  I've never used setuptools before, or distributed any
python code but it's really easy to whip up a dist (at least when the
code is 100% python).  Twisted and matplotlib are great too.  Wouldn't
have been able to do this in a month without those two,
let alone a day.

After using it for a few days I've been really happy with the results
myself.   Better error messages would be nice, but I'm finding it very
nice to be able to pop up plots whenever and wherever I want while
debugging.  And they stay up even after the debugee goes away, which
is also pretty nice.


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