[Numpy-discussion] problems building exported version of numpy from svn

Fred Romelfanger fred@romelfanger....
Wed Mar 21 10:42:44 CDT 2007

When I use co to check the code out of svn, running setup.py and building
the code works fine, but when I export the code or create a source
distribution that includes numpy the .svn directories get stripped.

svn export http://svn.scipy.org/svn/numpy/trunk numpy

I then get the following error when I run "python setup.py build"

AssertionError: hmm, why I am not inside SVN tree???

How do I export a copy of numpy that I can build outside of an svn tree?  We
were using numpy 1.0.1, but it doesn't build cleanly on RHEL v3 with the
old version of ATLAS that comes with the system software.  I was hoping
a newer version of numpy from svn might correct that problem.

                                  Thanks -- fred.

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