[Numpy-discussion] loess (was Re: distutils for a Pyrex module)

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Wed Mar 21 18:09:42 CDT 2007

On Tuesday 20 March 2007 18:57:18 Robert Kern wrote:
> Is there an init_loess function in cloess.c? If cloess.c was created by
> Pyrex from cloess.pyx, then Pyrex will make an initcloess function. The
> module name needs to be consistent throughout.

Ahah, that was the problem. Thanks a lot Robert, that did it !

I just moved the loess package out of its temporary sandbox. The routines are 
now available in the Scipy sandbox, in the package pyloess, along with lowess 
and STL. Everything works but for a couple of details (two arrays of 
parameters have to be set globally instead of element-wise). As usual, the 
tests directory contains tests and examples. And as usual again, I'd be happy 
to get some kind of feedback.
Thanks again for everything

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