[Numpy-discussion] numpy types for xml pickling

Christopher Ball ceball@gmail....
Thu Mar 22 23:33:19 CDT 2007


Gnosis Utils (http://www.gnosis.cx/download/Gnosis_Utils.More/) contains 
several modules for XML processing, one of which (xml.pickle) serializes 
objects to and from XML and has an API compatible with Python's pickle 

The xml.pickle module needs to be updated to work with numpy rather than 
Numeric, and the author would like some code that creates a data 
structure with one instance of all the numpy types to help with testing.

Is there any easy way to do that, or an easy way to get a list of all 
the types? I have the numpy book, but I couldn't see such a list. I've 
also tried writing some code to go through the numpy module and find all 
types, but I wonder if there isn't some better way?


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