[Numpy-discussion] Simple multi-arg wrapper for dot()

Steven H. Rogers steve@shrogers....
Sat Mar 24 14:25:45 CDT 2007

Perry Greenfield wrote:
> On Mar 24, 2007, at 2:52 PM, Bill Baxter wrote:
>> On 3/24/07, Steven H. Rogers <steve@shrogers.com> wrote:
>>> Anne Archibald wrote:
>>>> P.S. reduce isn't even a numpy thing, it's one of python's
>>>> much-neglected lispy functions.
>>> It looks like reduce(), map(), and filter() are going away for Python
>>> 3.0 since GvR believes that they are redundant and list  
>>> comprehensions
>>> and generator expressions are more readable alternatives.  lambda  
>>> was on
>>> the block as well, but will be retained.
>> Are you sure reduce is on the chopping block?  The PEP for generator
>> expressions doesn't say anything about reduce becoming redundant.
> While it isn't in his slides for Pycon this year, I could have sworn  
> he said he was getting rid of reduce  (but not lambda, nor map IIRC  
> but not sure about the latter)

The generator expression PEP doesn't say this, but the Python 3000 
planning PEP (http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3100/) has map() and 
filter() on the 'to-be-removed' list with a parenthetic comment that 
they can stay.  Removal of reduce() is annotated as 'done'.  My 
recollection of GvR's comments at PyCon was that the status of map() and 
filter() is still undecided.

# Steve

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