[Numpy-discussion] Simple multi-arg wrapper for dot()

Colin J. Williams cjw@sympatico...
Sun Mar 25 09:02:00 CDT 2007

Bill Baxter wrote:
> On 3/25/07, Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Bill Baxter wrote:
>> I don't know. Given our previous history with convenience functions with
>> different calling semantics (anyone remember rand()?), I think it probably will
>> confuse some people.
>> I'd really like to see it on a cookbook page, though. I'd use it.
> Done.
> http://www.scipy.org/Cookbook/MultiDot
> --bb
I wasn't able to connect to this link but I gather that the proposal was 
to used dot(A, B, C) to represent the product of the 3 arrays.

if A, B and C were matrices then this could more clearly be written as
A * B * C

Colin W.

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