[Numpy-discussion] New Operators in Python

Paulo Jose da Silva e Silva pjssilva@ime.usp...
Sun Mar 25 10:18:13 CDT 2007

Em Seg, 2007-03-26 às 01:08 +1000, dpn escreveu:
> With the possible inclusion of generic functions in py3k I dont really
> see the point of adding more operators. (While i do miss mat1 x mat2
> from PDL).
> mat3 = mat1.mm(mat2) or the like seems to be sufficient.
> I find matrix multiplication annoying in the case of SVD reconstruction:
> final = matrixmultiply(matrixmultiply(u, s), v)

Matrix multiplication is just too common in numerical linear algebra,
one of the main areas for numpy/scipy. Even though I can get used with
using dot (or matrixmultiply) to do it, I can easily see the benefit of
having a special operator here. This will be beneficial for
mathematicians that use numpy/scipy to prototype some ideas or to
newcomers from Matlab.

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