[Numpy-discussion] Tuning sparse stuff in NumPy

David Koch ogdude@googlemail....
Mon Mar 26 10:11:20 CDT 2007


I ran some tests on the very same matrices in Matlab/Numpy and it seems that
for sparse matrix multipilcation to be faster than dense multiplication -
the degree of sparsity has to be much higher in Numpy than in Matlab. Is
there anything I can tune in the underlying routines? I need good
performance at about 0.02 +- 0.01 nnz elements.



Matrix size: 10k * 1k, times are in seconds:

sparsity: 0.01 nonzero elements
Matlab dense 3.9, sparse 0.09
Numpy dense 2.9, sparse 15.24

sparsity: increase sparsity to 0.001 nnz
Matlab dense 3.9, sparse 0.002
Numpy dense 2.9, sparse 0.27
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