[Numpy-discussion] matrix indexing question

Zachary Pincus zpincus@stanford....
Tue Mar 27 12:16:47 CDT 2007

> Exactly: that was one other thing I found artificial.
> Surely the points will then be wanted as arrays.
> So my view is that we still do not have a use case
> for wanting matrices yielded when iterating across
> rows of a matrix.

It's pretty clear from my perspective: 1-D slices of matrices *must*  
be matrices. I gave an intuitive make-it-fit-with-known-notation  
explanation, and Charles gave a theoretically-grounded explanation.  
There was no objection to this from any quarter.

Given that 1-D slices of matrices must be matrices for deep  
mathematical reasons as well as notational compatibility with the  
rest of linear algebra -- e.g. that m[0] yields a matrix if m is a  
matrix-- it almost certainly would violate the principle of least  
surprise for iteration over m (intuitively understood to be choosing m 
[0] then m[1] and so forth) to yield anything other than a matrix.  
This can't possibly be what you're asking for, right? You aren't  
suggesting that m[0] and list(iter(m))[0] should be different types?

There are many clear and definite use cases for m[0] being a matrix,  
by the way, in addition to the theoretical arguments -- these aren't  
hard to come by. Whether or nor there are actual good use-cases for  
iterating over a matrix, if you believe that m[0] should be a matrix,  
it's madness to suggest that list(iter(m))[0] should be otherwise.

My opinion? Don't iterate over matrices. Use matrices for linear  
algebra. There's no "iteration" construct in linear algebra. The  
behavior you find so puzzling is a necessary by-product of the  
fundamental behavior of the matrix class -- which has been explained  
and which you offered no resistance to.


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