[Numpy-discussion] masked array with mask an instance of numpy.memmap

Glen W. Mabey Glen.Mabey@swri....
Tue Mar 27 17:47:24 CDT 2007

On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 06:35:51PM -0400, Pierre GM wrote:
> > Whoa.  You didn't mean numpy SVN, I take it.  So, will numpy.median not
> > ever take into account the mask?
> Mmh, that should be part of numpy.core.ma instead: let's keep the masked 
> arrays a bit on the side.
> > And, how recently did you upload them?  I updated scipy today and I
> > still get:
> Ah, sorry, I should have been clearer: scipy SVN, 
> sandbox/maskedarray/mstats.py is the file I was mentioning. That's more of a 
> place holder than an actual library at this point, I'll update it regularly 
> when the need arises. 
> I can't start messing with scipy.stats to take masked array into accounts , as 
> I'm far too biased towards maskedarray vs numpy.core.ma. 

Uh, forgive me but I'm gleaning from your comments that numpy.ma is not
the same as a maskedarray in scipy?

Okay, yup, that's clarified in sandbox/maskedarray/README .

Is there something deficient about numpy.core.ma?


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