[Numpy-discussion] use of concatenate with subclass of ndarray

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Thu Mar 29 13:09:07 CDT 2007

On Thursday 29 March 2007 13:47:48 Bryce Hendrix wrote:
> doh! I followed the example on the Wiki which does not define the class
> attribute in the class scope, but in __new__. Adding the declaration to
> the class scope seems to work.

Yeah, sorry about that, I really should update this wiki page. I gonna try 
later this afternoon/evening.
Glad it works, though.

However, that only part of your problem:
With concatenate, what unit should take precedence ? In your example, 
concatenating unit_ary_1 and unit_ary_2 should give a unit_array w/ meters as 
units. But what if you concatenate unit_1 and unit_3 ? Meters or feet ?

The idea would be to write a custom concatenate function, that would convert 
the units of each argument to the unit of the first one (for example), and 
call numpy.concatenate. Or something like that.

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