[Numpy-discussion] I've just commited a fast-clip function

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis@ieee....
Fri Mar 30 00:21:07 CDT 2007

Hey folks,

I've just committed a revision of ticket #425 to speed up clipping in 
the scalar case.  I also altered the PyArray_Conjugate function (called 
by the conjugate method) to use the ufunc for complex data. 

These were some relatively largish changes to the source code (all 
behind the scences and no interface changes) --- enough to make me want 
to see some more testing. 
I would appreciate it, if people could test out the new clip function 
and conjugate method to make sure they are working well.  All tests 
pass, but there are some things we are not testing for.  I need to still 
add the clip tests from ticket #425 --- unless somebody beats me to it.

We need to test the output argument of both of those functions as well 
as test for unaligned, byteswapped, etc. inputs.

Thanks much,


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