[Numpy-discussion] Dynamic module not initialized properly

Mark Janikas mjanikas@esri....
Fri Mar 30 18:55:04 CDT 2007

Hello all,


I am having an issue importing numpy on subsequent (I.e. not on first
load) attempts in our software.  The majority of the code is written in
C, C++ and I am a python developer and do not have direct access to a
lot of it.  This is a bit of a difficult question to ask all of you
because I cant provide you a direct example.  All I can do is point to a
numpy thread that discusses the issue:





exceptions.SystemError: dynamic module not initialized properly


 What is really odd about my specific issue is that if I don't change
anything in the source code.... Then the error doesn't pop up.
Furthermore, the error doesn't show on some attempts even after I make a
change!!!!  Not sure whether there is anything I can do from the
scripting side (some alternative form of reload?)... or if I have to
forward it along to the C developers.  You have my appreciation ahead of


Mark Janikas

Product Engineer

ESRI, Geoprocessing

380 New York St.

Redlands, CA 92373

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