[Numpy-discussion] C or C++ package like NumPy?

Bill Baxter wbaxter@gmail....
Thu Nov 1 18:49:37 CDT 2007

Does anyone know of a C or C++ library that's similar to NumPy?
Seems like all the big C++ efforts are focused on linear algebra
rather than general purpose multidimensional arrays.

I've written a multidimensional array class in the D programming
language with an API modeled loosely after NumPy's.  It works ok but
there are a lot of differences between a statically typed language
like C++ or D and a dynamic one like Python.  So I was looking around
for API inspiration from other C/C++ libraries.  But the projects I
know about are all focused on linear algebra (like ublas and MTL) and
don't support general N-dimensional arrays.

Thanks for your comments.

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