[Numpy-discussion] Compilation with Visual Studio 2003

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Sat Nov 10 11:33:26 CST 2007


I want to add some support to ACML, but currently, I can't even compile
numpy (Visual Studio and g77), the current SVN fails with :
running build_ext
No module named msvccompiler in numpy.distutils; trying from distutils
customize MSVCCompiler
customize MSVCCompiler using build_ext
building 'numpy.core.multiarray' extension
compiling C sources
D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\bin\cl.exe /c /nologo
 /MD /W3 /GX /DNDEBUG -Ibuild\src.win32-2.5\numpy\core\src-Inumpy\core\include
-Ibuild\src.win32-2.5\numpy\core -Inumpy\core\src -Inumpy\core\include
on25\include -ID:\Python25\PC /Tcnumpy\core\src\multiarraymodule.c
d:\Travail\numpy\numpy\core\src\arrayobject.c(662) : warning C4244: '=' :
sion de 'npy_longlong' en 'long', perte possible de données
numpy\core\src\multiarraymodule.c(7592) : error C2065: 'NPY_ALLOW_THREADS' :
ntificateur non déclaré
error: Command "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
e /c /nologo /Ox /MD /W3 /GX /DNDEBUG -Ibuild\src.win32-2.5\numpy\core\src-Inum
py\core\include -Ibuild\src.win32-2.5\numpy\core -Inumpy\core\src
nclude -ID:\Python25\include -ID:\Python25\PC
.c /Fobuild\temp.win32-2.5\Release\numpy\core\src\multiarraymodule.obj"
failed w
ith exit status 2

Is there something I forgot to add in the site.cfg ?

French PhD student
Website : http://miles.developpez.com/
Blogs : http://matt.eifelle.com and http://blog.developpez.com/?blog=92
LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/matthieubrucher
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