[Numpy-discussion] numpy : your experiences?

Lou Pecora lou_boog2000@yahoo....
Tue Nov 20 08:33:11 CST 2007

--- Rahul Garg <rahulgarg44@gmail.com> wrote:

> hi.
> thanks for ur responses .. so it looks like
> python/numpy is used more
> for gluing things together or doing things like
> postprocessing. is
> anyone using it for core calculations .. as in long
> running python
> calculations?
> i used numpy myself for some nonlinear dynamics and
> chaos related
> calculations but they were usually very short
> running only for a few
> seconds at a time.
> thanks,
> rahul

I've used Python a little to solve ODEs for chaotic
systems.  More for time series analysis (attractor
reconstruction and associated data analysis problems).
 These ran rather fast on the order of seconds or

Lately, I've been coding up a package to solved
Schrodinger's Equation for 2D arbitrarily shaped,
infinite wall potentials.  I've settled on a Boundary
Element Approach to get the eigenfunctions in these
systems.  The goal is to study phenomena associated
with quantum chaos in the semiclassical regime.  These
calculations tend to run on the order of 10s of
minutes to an hour.  I eventually will be writing C
extensions for the slower running functions (bottle
necks).  I've done that before and it's a big help for

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