[Numpy-discussion] numpy : your experiences?

Jan Strube curiousjan@gmail....
Wed Nov 21 16:37:31 CST 2007

>> a) Can you guys tell me briefly about the kind of problems you are
>> tackling with numpy and scipy?
> I'm using python with numpy,scipy, pytables and matplotlib for data
> analysis in the field of high energy particle physics. Most of the
> work is histograming millions of  events, fitting functions to the
> distributions or applying cuts to yield optimized signal/background
> ratios. I often use the random number and optimization facilities for
> these purposes.
Cool! Me, too! In addition I am using Paida (http:// 
paida.sourceforge.net) for histogramming. I am interfacing that with  
matplotlib for the plotting, though.

> Most of my colleagues use ROOT (root.cern.ch) which has also a python
> binding, however, I love the simplicity of numpy's ufuncs and indexing
> capabilities, which makes the code much denser and readable.
In addition to more reliable in my experience.

> In particular for the simulation yes, depending on the level of detail
> of course. But only parts, eg. random number generation for certain
> distributions had to be coded in C/C++.
Are you saying you extended the scipy/numpy tools for this?
Do you think it would make sense to put some of that stuff on the wiki?
> Cheers! Bernhard


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