[Numpy-discussion] numpy : your experiences?

Yves Revaz yves.revaz@obspm...
Fri Nov 23 03:19:06 CST 2007

Rahul Garg wrote:

>a) Can you guys tell me briefly about the kind of problems you are
>tackling with numpy and scipy?
Reduction of large N-body simulations of astrophysical gravitational 
systems (N up to 268 millions).
See http://aramis.obspm.fr/~revaz/pNbody/.

>b) Have you ever felt that numpy/scipy was slow and had to switch to
Some specific functions are missing in numpy and a pure python 
is too slow. In that case, I implement the specific function in C, as a 
python module.

>c) Do you use any form of parallel processing? Multicores? SMPs?
>Clusters? If yes how did u utilize them?
Yes, my toolbox is now nearly completely parallelized with mpi4py.
Some parallelization parts are also implemented in C modules.
It works fine on beowulf clusters, multicores or smps.

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