[Numpy-discussion] numpy/Windows shared arrays between processes?

Ray S subscriber100@rjs....
Wed Oct 10 13:57:10 CDT 2007

Thanks all:

At 10:00 AM 10/10/2007, Robert Kern wrote:
 >Something like the following should suffice (untested, though 
I've >done similar things with ctypes before):

I tested, successfully:
""" nFromAddress.py

def fromaddress(address, dtype, shape, strides=None):
     """ Create a numpy array from an integer address, a dtype
     or dtype string, a shape tuple, and possibly strides.
     import numpy
     # Make sure our dtype is a dtype, not just "f" or whatever.
     dtype = numpy.dtype(dtype)

     class Dummy(object):
     d = Dummy()
     d.__array_interface__ = dict(
         data = (address, False),
         typestr = dtype.str,
         descr = dtype.descr,
         shape = shape,
         strides = strides,
         version = 3,
     return numpy.asarray(d)

## Numeric example, with address kludge
import Numeric, numpy, ctypes, string
a0 = Numeric.zeros((10000), Numeric.Int16)
nAddress = int(string.split(repr(a0.__copy__))[-1][:-1], 16)
ctypes.memmove(tmp, nAddress+8, 4)
nAddress = tmp[0]
a1 = fromaddress(nAddress, numpy.int16, (10000,)) ## explicit type
a0[0] = 5
print a1[0]

## numpy example
a2 = numpy.zeros(10000, numpy.int16)
nAddress = a2.__array_interface__['data'][0]
nType = a2.__array_interface__['typestr']
nShape = a2.__array_interface__['shape']
a3 = fromaddress(nAddress, nType, nShape)
a2[0] = 5
print a3[0]

So, now with little effort the relevant info can be passed over 
pipes, shared memory, etc. and shares/views created in other 
processes, since they are not objects but ints and strings.

 >David Cournapeau Wrote:
 >Basically, you cannot expect file descriptors (or even file 
handles: >the
 >standard ones from C library fopen) to cross dll boundaries if 
the >dll do not have exactly the same runtime.

It sounds like there is a general dilemma: no one with Python 2.4 or 
2.5 can reliably expect to compile extensions/modules if they did not 
install the 7.1 compiler in time.
The 2.6 seems to use VC 2005 Express, I don't know about py3000(?), 
with associated upgrade issues.
It would be nice if the build bots could also compile suggested 

Thanks again,

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