[Numpy-discussion] fortran 90 compiler problem

Robin robince@gmail....
Wed Oct 10 16:11:54 CDT 2007

I had the same problem building on Linux. I found this on a wiki somewhere
(can only find it in google cache now):

"""(Note: Make sure that if you build with *gfortran* that *g77* is not
installed on your system (or at least is not in your *PATH* when *numpy* is
being built) as you need to link with the same compiler that you built
lapack with when *numpy* builds. It will try and find *g77* first which will
lead to linking errors if you have built lapack with *gfortran*)."""

The trick for me was that step of removing g77 (or taking it out of the
path) - then distutils seems to pick up gfortran fine, but otherwise it
doesn't seem to work (even with --fcompiler=gnu95 etc)


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