[Numpy-discussion] For review: first milestone of scons support in numpy

Pearu Peterson pearu@cens.ioc...
Thu Oct 11 03:00:09 CDT 2007


Examples look good. It seems that you have lots of work ahead;) to add
numpy.distutils features that are required to build numpy/scipy.

Few comments:
1) Why SConstruct does not have extension? It looks like a python file
and .py extension could be used.

2) It seems that scons does not interfare with numpy.distutils much.
If this is true and numpy/scipy builds will not break when scons is
not installed then I think you could continue the scons support
development in trunk.

3) In future, if we are going to replace using distutils with scons
then all numpy/scipy need SConstruct scripts. I think one can implement
these scripts already now and use, say, setupscons.py, containing only

def configuration(parent_package='',top_path=None):
     from numpy.distutils.misc_util import Configuration
     config = Configuration('packagename',parent_package,top_path)
     return config
if __name__ == '__main__':
     from numpy.distutils.core import setup

to build the packages. Or can scons already be used with only
SConstruct script and setupscons.py are not needed? Implementing these 
scripts now would give a good idea what features are required in using
scons to build numpy/scipy packages.
Also, it will prove that scons can replace numpy.distutils in future,

4) though, we cannot remove numpy.distutils for backward compatibility
with software using numpy.distutils. However, it should be possible
to enhance Configuration class to generate the corresponding SConstruct
scripts. It will save some work when converting configuration() 
functions to SConstruct scripts.

Looking forward for not using distutils,

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