[Numpy-discussion] Error in deallocation ?

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Mon Oct 15 09:33:18 CDT 2007

Matthieu Brucher wrote:
> Hi
> I keep on getting this error :
> *** Reference count error detected:
> an attempt was made to deallocate 7 (l) ***
> It happens on numpy calls (multiplications, call to inner(), ...), but 
> I didn't find the real reason. I'm using Numpy ' 1.0.4.dev3875' with 
> Python 2.5.1.
> Someone has a hint to solve this ?

The problem is that there is a data-type reference counting error some 
where that is attempting to deallocate the built-in data-type 'l' 

It's not really a Python error but a logging.  The code won't let you 
deallocate the built-ins, but it will tell you that something tried to.

Reference counting on data-types is easy to get wrong (particularly with 
Pyrex extension modules) because most calls consume a reference to the 
data-type (if they return an object that  contains a reference to the 

It is a bug, and it would be nice to figure it out, but that would 
require the code that caused it.


-Travis O.

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