[Numpy-discussion] Error in deallocation ?

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Mon Oct 15 09:39:54 CDT 2007

> The problem is that there is a data-type reference counting error some
> where that is attempting to deallocate the built-in data-type 'l'

That's what I supposed, but I couldn't find the reason why it wanted to do

It's not really a Python error but a logging.  The code won't let you
> deallocate the built-ins, but it will tell you that something tried to.
> Reference counting on data-types is easy to get wrong (particularly with
> Pyrex extension modules) because most calls consume a reference to the
> data-type (if they return an object that  contains a reference to the
> data-type).
> It is a bug, and it would be nice to figure it out, but that would
> require the code that caused it.

I've updated my numpy version to the latest svn, the behaviour seems to be
different (more warnings), I'll try to give more information about the
error, but giving the whole code will not be simple (it uses a big data file
that seems to trigger the error as with other data files, the error didn't
show up :()

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