[Numpy-discussion] Request for advice: project to get NumPy working in IronPython

Albert Strasheim fullung@gmail....
Mon Oct 15 13:49:32 CDT 2007


On Mon, 15 Oct 2007, Giles Thomas wrote:

>    * Would it be better to try for some kind of "binary compatibility",
>      where we'd write some kind of "glue" that sat between the existing
>      C extension .pyd files and the IronPython engine?  Our gut feeling
>      is that this would be much more work, but we might be missing
>      something.

Along these lines, what ever happened to Sanghyeon Seo's CPython 


I think it might be an avenue worth exploring, since this would also 
make other native modules available as a by-product. Last I heard, the 
JRuby folks were also trying something these lines for native MRI 
modules, using JNA (essentially, a Java equivalent to ctypes).

Good luck with your project. I hope it succeeds.



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