[Numpy-discussion] appending extra items to arrays

René Bastian rbastian@free...
Wed Oct 17 08:56:51 CDT 2007


I work with numarray.zeros(n, numarray.Float64) as sound mixers ;
there are huge number of datas : 44 000 .. 192 000 /second

Operations : add, append, add & append (if the mixing begins
on the existing part of the array + append if the array has to
be prolonged)

I do never use list-appending but I concatenate a zero-array
with a fixed length (which can be given e.g. sr/10 )

This way is much more faster then appending with lists
if there are huge number of datas (for small arrays,
lists are faster, but I have never a sound of 10 samples :-)

René Bastian

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