[Numpy-discussion] Request for advice: project to get NumPy working in IronPython

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Fri Oct 26 13:30:55 CDT 2007

Travis E. Oliphant wrote:
> Giles Thomas wrote:
>> Hi,
>> At Resolver Systems, we have a product that is written in IronPython - 
>> the .NET Python implementation - and allows users to use that language 
>> to script a spreadsheet-like interface.  Because they're using 
>> IronPython, they can access their existing .NET objects and libraries, 
>> which has worked out really well for us and for them.  But there's an 
>> increasing number of users who would like access to CPython C 
>> extensions - in particular, NumPy.
> An IronPython compatible version of NumPy would be great.    Of course 
> it could be done by using C# to write NumPy, but I'm not sure that this 
> would really be any less work than creating a "glue" layer that allowed 
> most (or all) C-Python extensions to work with IronPython.
So can anyone inform will IronPython have bridge to NumPy or something else?
And will it be available in nearest future or some weeks/months/years 
are required?
(I'm interested in scikits.openopt being available for IronPython as 
well, and it requires numpy)
And what about pylab for IronPython? Is it work already now, or will be 
available in nearest future, or the situation is undefined?

Regards, D.

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