[Numpy-discussion] Request for advice: project to get NumPy working in IronPython

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Fri Oct 26 15:35:55 CDT 2007

Scott Ransom wrote:
>> What are people's opinions about the value of NumPy and SciPy on the
>> CLR?
> As someone who uses Numpy/Scipy almost exclusively on Linux workstations 
> or on clusters (in coordination with lots of C code), I wouldn't value 
> NumPy and SciPy on the CLR at all.
> I am kind of curious, though, to see how many people _would_ think it 
> would be usefull....
> S
my 2 cents:
let me mention that 2/3 of scipy.org/.../openopt webpages visitors have 
Windows installed
I guess whole scipy.org visitors doesn't differ too much.
However, scipy.org website admins could see their own statistic and 
inform us more exactly.
Regards, D

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