[Numpy-discussion] More intel about the bug "Reference count error detected"

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Mon Oct 29 10:47:16 CDT 2007


Instead of using : xp = (x-self.loc) * (1/self.scale)
I've decided to use : xp = (x-self.loc) / self.scale

and by some miracle, the bug does not show up in almost all tests.
Before this bug, the program seems to be hung in a DOUBLE_substract
function() for quite some time (umathmodule.c file). Perhaps it is this
function that triggers to many references or dereferencing them too much ?
If someone wants to take a look, I may be able to wrap what is needed in a
single (but big) file.

French PhD student
Website : http://miles.developpez.com/
Blogs : http://matt.eifelle.com and http://blog.developpez.com/?blog=92
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