[Numpy-discussion] numpy FFT memory accumulation

Ray S subscriber100@rjs....
Wed Oct 31 17:58:32 CDT 2007

I am using
fftRes = abs(fft.rfft(data_array[end-2**15:end]))
to do running analysis on streaming data. The N never changes.
It sucks memory up at ~1MB/sec with 70kHz data rate and 290 ffts/sec.
(Interestingly, Numeric FFT accumulates much slower..)
(Commenting out that one line stops memory growth.)

What can one do to alleviate this?
Can I del() some numpy object or such?
It's a bit of an issue for a program that needs to run for weeks.

It's purpose is simply to argmax() the largest bin, which always 
falls within a small range - do I have another, better option than 

Ray Schumacher
Blue Cove Interactive

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