[Numpy-discussion] numpy build fails on powerpc ydl

Vincent Broman broman@spawar.navy....
Tue Sep 4 19:52:07 CDT 2007

> Would you be willing to help get the config.h file set up correctly?

Yes. I thought it was automatic, tho.
What to do?

> Its kernel is 2.4.19-Asmp tailored by the vendor.

> Which vendor?

Curtiss-Wright Controls, back when they were called Synergy.

> Ancient....  Curtiss-Wright now supports Linux and kernel 2.6.16 on
> some of their newer hardware

The military ends up supporting ancient systems for a long time.
I don't think I have the option of upgrading the OS on these beasts,
especially when it involves a new binary format.
That would be nice, tho, especially if it made it possible to run subversion.

> Any more detail on these? What causes the conflict. I've got to wonder about
> the the libc/libm versions also. Does the include file math.h say anything
> about the prototypes for these functions? I expect cosl et.al. to be
> potential problems on the PPC anyway due to the way long doubles were
> implemented.

"grep -r sinl /usr/include" finds nothing.
math.h defines sin and sinf with various underscores attached, 
using token pasting, but no mention of sinl.
Similarly for fabs and cos which I checked.

> What is the PPC model number?

The CWC VSS4 contains four powerpc G4's, the 7400.

Vincent Broman

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