[Numpy-discussion] Use my own data type with NumPy

Günter Dannoritzer dannoritzer@web...
Wed Sep 5 02:48:45 CDT 2007


I am trying to use my own data type with NumPy, but get some funny
result when creating a NumPy array with it.

My data type is indexable and sliceable and what happens now is when I
create an array, NumPy is adding the instance as a list of the indexed
values. How can I force NumPy to handle my data type as an 'Object' and
use the value of __repr__ to display in the array?

Maybe I am handling that too simple, as I had another data type before,
-- not indexable though --, that just works fine with NumPy. Do I have
to worry about a dtype object with my new data type or how can I use my
new data type with NumPy?

Thanks for your help.



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