[Numpy-discussion] how to include numpy headers when building an extension?

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Tue Sep 11 10:53:36 CDT 2007

Travis E. Oliphant wrote:
> I think one answer is because distutils doesn't have defaults that play 
> well with eggs. 

Fair enough -- anyone know about the progress of integrating setuptool 
into the standard library?

> Look at any of the setup.py files for scipy for examples of how to use 
> numpy.distutils. 

I'll do that. I guess I was under the impression that numpy.distutils 
was fro building numpy itself. I don't know why it didn't dawn on my to 
give it a try.

> Yes, the transition is a little messy (especially if the build is not 
> using distutils at all). 

Well, yes, but I learned that lesson a long time ago.

[OT: why the heck do none of the SWIG docs give examples (or even 
suggest) using distutils for building SWIG extensions???]


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