[Numpy-discussion] NotImplementedType

Tom Denniston tom.denniston@alum.dartmouth....
Fri Sep 14 16:40:50 CDT 2007

The hitch is the error is in the bowels of the Scientific Python so I
was trying to get it to throw an exception to see what was going on.
It's while Scientific Python is trying to take a derivate.  It's
further aggrevated by the fact that due to some bug in pdb or pydb,
i'm unable to get up the stack in the debuger and look at the data
that caused the NotImplemntedType result.

I can always put breakpoints in the Scientific Python code I just
thought it would be easier if I could easily cause it to throw and
exception when the error occurs.  If that's hard i'll just set
breakpoints and dig.


On 9/14/07, Travis E. Oliphant <oliphant@enthought.com> wrote:
> Tom Denniston wrote:
> > Sometimes numpy operationrs result in NotImplementedType.  It makes it
> > a little hard to debug because the problem then crops up later when
> > you try to do an operation with the NotImplementedType.  Does anyone
> > know of a way to get numpy to raise instead of returning not
> > implemented type?
> >
> Part of the issue is that this is what Python expects when it does it's
> mixed-type operations.  So, which operators are you referring to exactly?
> -Travis
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