[Numpy-discussion] [distutils] Best way to add compiler specific library path ?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sun Sep 16 05:05:10 CDT 2007


    While trying to add support for sunperf to numpy.distutils, I came 
across a simple problem I am not sure how to solve best. I installed the 
sun compilers for Linux, they are somewhere in my $HOME directory 
($HOME/opt/sunstudio/bin). The problem is, when using the fortran 
compiler, some libraries are automatically linked (the ones in 
fcompiler/sun.py), which causes the build to fail by default because the 
libraries are in installation path of sun compilers 
    Wouldn't it make sense to add the suncompiler/lib as a library path 
automatically for the compiler suncompiler/bin ? If yes, how should I do 
it ?



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