[Numpy-discussion] missing function in numpy.ma?

Charles Doutriaux doutriaux1@llnl....
Tue Apr 1 10:07:41 CDT 2008

Hi Pierre,

I"m ccing Bob on this, he's the main developper for cdms2 package. At 
this point I think Travis original suggestion was the best. We should 
leave it like it was for 1.0.5 There's a lot of changes to do in order 
to get the backward compatibility going. And I feel it should wait until 
1.1. I don't feel comfortable doing all these changes and releasing our 
software like this. It's a major change and it needs to be tested for a 
while.  OUr users are massively hammering the MA and rely on it so much. 
Although I do see the usefulness of the new ma and at term I believe it 
has major merits to be used instead of oldnumeric.ma.

Your thoughts?


Pierre GM wrote:
> Charles,
>> Any idea where that comes from ?
> No, not really. Seems that TransientVariable(*args) doesn't work. I guess it's 
> because it has inherited a __call__method, and tries to use that method 
> instead of the __new__. Try to call TransientVariable.__new__ instead of just 
> TransientVariable in l505 of avariables.py, and see how it goes. You may want 
> to rethink what subSlice does as well. Instead of calling the class 
> constructor, you can also just create a view of your array and update the 
> attributes accordingly.
> Once again, a stripped-down version of the class and its parents would be 
> useful.

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