[Numpy-discussion] missing function in numpy.ma?

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Tue Apr 1 10:53:33 CDT 2008

Because numpy.ma.MaskedArray objects are now derived from classical ndarrays, 
the subclassing rules should be followed. As we observed yesterday with 
Charles, the adaptation is not as straightforward as we hoped.

If you have time constraints, the easiest would indeed be to revert to the 
previous implementation of MaskedArray (viz, as an object, where the 
initialization is performed with a __init__ function). Now, I'm not sure how 
well it's gonna interface with numpy.ma, we need to try.

In the long run however, I think you should try to switch to regular ndarrays 
and ndarray subclasses. I do agree it's more of a long-term process, but I'd 
be happy to help (you and I are working more or less on the same field 
anyway, I needed some tools to handle my environmental/climatic time series)

Let me try to cook something up. In the meantime, please keep me posted.

On Tuesday 01 April 2008 11:07:41 Charles Doutriaux wrote:
> Hi Pierre,
> I"m ccing Bob on this, he's the main developper for cdms2 package. At
> this point I think Travis original suggestion was the best. We should
> leave it like it was for 1.0.5 There's a lot of changes to do in order
> to get the backward compatibility going. And I feel it should wait until
> 1.1. I don't feel comfortable doing all these changes and releasing our
> software like this. It's a major change and it needs to be tested for a
> while.  OUr users are massively hammering the MA and rely on it so much.
> Although I do see the usefulness of the new ma and at term I believe it
> has major merits to be used instead of oldnumeric.ma.
> Your thoughts?

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