[Numpy-discussion] newbie doubt about dot()

harryos oswald.harry@gmail....
Wed Apr 2 00:32:20 CDT 2008

i am slightly confused by this maths

i need to calculate
wk=uk o (L-Psi)
uk=a vector of size (1 X N^2)
o =scalar product
l,Psi=vectors of (N^2 X 1)

i have an ndarray U of shape(M X N^2)where uk is one of the rows , and
L of shape (M X N^2) where l.transpose() is one of the rows,
If i were to apply the above formula how can i find the matrix where
wk is an element.? I know i have to use dot() but the rest i am
finding a bit confusing
can someone please help?

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