[Numpy-discussion] Compile Numpy in VC++8

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Thu Apr 3 11:24:05 CDT 2008

yunzhi cheng wrote:
> I have to call a commercial software APIs from Python. If I import Numpy 
> and that software package in one script, they are not compatible. 
> Sometimes error occurs. But either one of them works well in Python. 
> Just they cannot exist together.

> The supporters of the commercial software told me that their software is 
> complied in VC++8. 

So they have apparently compiled a python extension with VC++8 that 
works? Are you sure that it works with the "standard" Windows Python 
Build (Which version of Python, by the way?). From everything I've read, 
that can't be done, at least not easily. I've never understood that, as 
I think the issue is with the libraries, not the compiler, and you'd 
think that there'd be a way to use the old libs with the new compiler, 
but I know folks a lot smarter than me haven't figure out how.

However, it looks like either your commercial software developer has 
figured out a way, or you misunderstood what they are doing -- maybe 
they have compiled their own Python? I'd push them for more of an 

One other option is to use try MingGW for building numpy -- you can 
build Python extensions with MingGW without conflict, so it may just 
work for you.


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