[Numpy-discussion] missing function in numpy.ma?

Charles Doutriaux doutriaux1@llnl....
Thu Apr 3 14:24:37 CDT 2008

Travis, Pierre,

Goood news what's in trunk right now seems to work great with our stuff, 
I only had to replace numpy.core.ma.take with numpy.ma.take 
(numpy.oldnumeric.ma.take didn't seem to work)

So as soon as 1.0.5 is out, I'll start working toward using numpy.ma only.

Also, I have one little request, i remember you said oldnumeric would be 
gone in the next version. But our users will have hundreds (thousands?)  
of script convert with "import numpy.oldnumeric.ma as MA" or "import 
numpy.oldnumeric as Numeric"
And although we're insisting and using numpy and numpy.ma right away, 
i'm sure 99% of them will ignore this. So would be be horrible to leave 
as shortcut (with a warning while loading probably, actually we could 
have the warning already in numpy 1.0.5 ?) from numpy.oldnumeric back to 
numpy ? same for oldnumeric.ma pointing back to numpy.ma. I realize it's 
not really clean... At least it would be great to have the warning 
raised in 1.0.5 that it will disappear in 1.1. Like that users might be 
more inclined to start converting "cleaninly"

Thanks for considering this and also thanks a LOT for all your help on 
this issue!


Travis E. Oliphant wrote:
> Charles Doutriaux wrote:
>> Hi Travis,
>> Ok we're almost there, in my test suite i get:
>>     maresult = numpy.core.ma.take(ta, indices, axis=axis)
>> AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'ma'
>>     data = numpy.core.ma.take(ax[:], indices)
>> AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'ma'
> I think the problem here is that numpy.core.ma is no longer the correct 
> place.    This should be
> numpy.oldnumeric.ma.take  because numpy.oldnumeric.ma is the correct 
> location.
> In my mind you shouldn't really have been using "numpy.core.ma", but 
> instead numpy.ma because whether things are in core or lib could change 
> ;-) 
> -Travis
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