[Numpy-discussion] Any multigrid package to recommend ?

Bill Spotz wfspotz@sandia....
Mon Apr 7 10:55:47 CDT 2008

I am the lead developer of PyTrilinos, a python interface to the  
Trilinos project: http://trilinos.sandia.gov.

Trilinos has many packages related to solvers, including ML, the  
multilevel preconditioning package.  There may be a little bit of a  
learning curve, but there are example scripts to look at.  I also  
built in quite a bit of compatibility with numpy.

On Apr 7, 2008, at 8:14 AM, lan haiping wrote:

> Dear Guys @list :
>   I wanna do some application with mulgrid method for electrostatic  
> problems,
> is there some python package available for my purpose ?

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