[Numpy-discussion] New project : Spyke python-to-C compiler

Terry Reedy tjreedy@udel....
Mon Apr 7 11:35:00 CDT 2008

"Rahul Garg" <garg1@ualberta.ca> wrote in message 
| Note this message has been posted to numpy-discussion and python-dev.
| Sorry for the multiple posting but I thought both python devs and
| numpy users will be interested. If you believe your list should not
| receive this email, let me know. Also I just wanted to introduce
| myself since I may ask doubts about Python and Numpy internals from
| time to time :)

Pydev is for discussion about development of  future versions of Python 
(ie, 2.6 and some of 3.0).  I think this would have been better posted on 
comp.lang.python (or gmane.comp.python.general or the corresponding mailing 
list).  You can get answers about current Python internals there. 

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