[Numpy-discussion] numpyx.pyx (recent svn) works?

Francesc Altet faltet@carabos....
Wed Apr 9 02:25:54 CDT 2008

A Wednesday 09 April 2008, Andrew Straw escrigué:
> This is off-topic and should be directed to the pyrex/cython list,
> but since we're on the subject:
> I suppose the following is true, but let me ask, since I have not
> used Cython. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
> I have a bunch of pyrex compiled .pyx code. If I start adding some
> Cython compiled code, all the extensions will live happily without
> colliding, even if I don't re-compile my old .pyx files with Cython.
> (I can't imagine how they'd conflict, since they both translate to .c
> extensions without anything to collide. Or are there linker-level
> symbols that collide or something difficult?)

I don't expect you having problems in that regard either.  However, I've 
been having problems compiling perfectly valid Pyrex code with the 
Cython compiler.  I just haven't had time to locate where the problem 
is and report it, but people using Pyrex and planning to migrate to 
Cython must be aware that these sort of things happen.


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