[Numpy-discussion] ticket #605

Jarrod Millman millman@berkeley....
Wed Apr 9 06:29:36 CDT 2008


I just turned this one into a blocker for now.  There has been a very
long and good discussion about this ticket:

Could someone (David?, Bruce?) briefly summarize the problem and the
current proposed solution for us again?  Let's agree on the problem
and the solution.  I want to have something similiar to what is
written about median for this release:

I agree with David's sentiment:  "This issue has been raised a number
of times since I follow this ML. It's not the first time I've proposed
patches, and I've already documented the weird behavior only to see
the comments disappear after a while. I hope this time some kind of
agreement will be reached."

If you give me the short summary I will make sure Travis or Eric
respond (and I will put it in the release notes).


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