[Numpy-discussion] vander() docstring

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris@gmail....
Wed Apr 9 12:26:19 CDT 2008

On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 11:07 AM, Stéfan van der Walt <stefan@sun.ac.za>

> On 09/04/2008, Andreas Klöckner <lists@informa.tiker.net> wrote:
> > On Mittwoch 26 März 2008, Charles R Harris wrote:
> >  > The docstring is incorrect. The Vandermonde matrix produced is
> compatible
> >  > with numpy polynomials that also go from high to low powers. I would
> have
> >  > done it the other way round, so index matched power, but that isn't
> how it
> >  > is.
> I've never seen the vector powers that way around in literature.
> Shouldn't we fix it to correspond to the (vast) majority of
> publications?

It would affect polyfit, where the powers correspond to the numpy polynomial
coefficients. That can be fixed, and as far as I can determine that is the
only numpy function that uses vander, but it might break some software out
there in the wild. Maybe we can put it on the list for 1.1. I'd like to
change numpy polynomials also, but that is probably a mod too far.

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