[Numpy-discussion] Where to put financial functions...

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Thu Apr 10 11:18:13 CDT 2008

renamed as this was a Digest response..

Travis E. Oliphant wrote:
> I appreciate that.  It is rewarding to have time invested be regarded 
> usefully by others. 

Very well regarded!

> They are a small enough addition, that I don't think it 
> matters terribly much what we do with them.

I think there is some key president establishing going on here though...

> So, it seems to me that keeping them in numpy.lib and following the rule for that namespace for 
> 1.0.5

I'm confused as to what this means.

Clearly there is no consensus here, but I vote for something like 
numpy.finance or scipy.finance. Whether it's numpy or scipy seems to be 
a factor of how it's maintained and distributed, which I'll leave up to 
the folks that maintain and distribute...

Yes, it's only a few functions now, but don't we hope it will grow?

And that doesn't preclude those folks that want a flat namespace from 
importing them into a uber-namespace (more on that in another note).


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