[Numpy-discussion] Win32 installer: please test it

Jarrod Millman millman@berkeley....
Thu Apr 10 12:18:55 CDT 2008


David Cournapeau has prepared a new win32 installer, which is aimed at
solving the recurring problem of non working atlas on different sets
of CPU. This installer simply checks which cpu you have, and installs
the appropriate numpy accordingly (without atlas if your cpu is not
supported). Windows users, please test the installer, and report
problems with it; we hope to use this scheme for all numpy and scipy
installers in the future.

Download from here:

Technical details:

 - ATLAS is 3.8.0, and built with cygwin. Built on Core 2 duo for
SSE3, pentium 4 xeon for SSE2.
 - BLAS/LAPACK are built with mingw.
 - only SSE3 and SSE2 are supported. If you don't have at least sse2,
it will not use ATLAS, but netlib blas/lapack instead.
 - the numpy installers are prepared with build_wininst for each
different supported architecture
 - the numpy installers are then bundled in another installer, based on nsis.
 - Nsis is an open source installer, based on a small scripting
language, and is extensible by plug-ins. I wrote a plug-in to detect
the cpu type, and the installer will simply execute a different numpy
installer depending on the cpu.


Jarrod Millman
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