[Numpy-discussion] Making NumPy accessible to everyone (or no-one) (was Numpy-discussion Digest, Vol 19, Issue 44)

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Thu Apr 10 13:35:22 CDT 2008

Lou Pecora wrote:
> That's the point of the flexibility of import ... as 

Yes, it is.

> Trying to lock in namespaces as np or N or whatever is
> a BAD idea.  Allow the flexibility.

I don't think anyone is trying to lock anyone into anything.

> But locking people into a standard,
> even an informal one is, as someone else said, acting
> a bit too much like accountants.  Stop, please!

Locking in is bad, but establishing a standard is good. Particularly for 
newbies, it's really very, very helpful if example code in mailing list, 
in wikis, in the docs, etc, is all similar. Most folks learn by copying 
and pasting code form examples, having a proliferation different aliases 
for numpy is just asking for a lot of confusion.


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